I always love using a mix of digital and film cameras for my work .  Some of my clients may notice or are knowledgeable about the difference between the two, and others don't, they just know when they see something different that they love!  My personal opinion is that neither is "better" than the other, they are simply different tools I can take advantage of to create the type of work that I love.  

So, why shoot film?  For me, it's more far reaching than what may seem to be a trend, or fad to jump on board with.  Shooting on film offers an aesthetic that cannot quite be replicated by any computer action on digital files.  More importantly, it is a tangible medium that I can scan, get a painterly Polaroid print from, even bleach and scan Polaroid negatives to render truly one-of-a kind images!  It's an entirely different process that to work with, from beginning to end.  While shooting any type of film, I am freed of the temptation to see the image on the back of my camera instantaneously.  For me this is a great asset, because simply put my brain begins to work differently.  I pay attention to details and feelings all the more closely, and it is then that I feel I make some of my best work. It is a huge benefit to balance the tactile beauty of film along with the ease and quickness of digital photography.  You can read even more on the philosophy and thoughts behind the creative process here.