I was torn as to where to post this set of images.  Obviously, it is not a true boudoir session, since it wasn't photographed in a bedroom :)  It is more of a creative portrait session, but it still focuses on the beauty of form aesthetically.  More importantly, I hope a viewer will take away a sense of some deeper feeling and meaning, which is ultimately what I intend within any area of my photography.  I decided to show this on my boudoir blog so women can see they can still get a portrait session done that is beautiful and sexy without wearing lingerie or showing a lot of skin if they are not comfortable.  I certainly hold the belief that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.  Unfortunately our culture has become obsessed with over sexualizing so many things.  Somehow it seems that both everything and nothing is shocking simultaneously. Perhaps in trying push the boundaries of taboos we have lost a sense sacredness of body and spirit.   My intent in photographing these sessions is never to portray the person in a lewd or surprising manner.  The purpose is always to convey the quiet, intrinsic beauty that we all possess, on the inside and out.

AuthorBriane Morse