We are all tired of the snow.  Tired of looking at it, tired of thinking about it....Cecilia and Kevin had a very snowy wedding day.  BUT, the warmth that they, and their friends and family exuded this particular day, more than compensated for the cold conditions outside.  Ok, that came off a  little cliche, but I cannot find another accurate analogy for this awesome couple.  They even braved the blistery cold weather for photos next to the beach and on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ.  When I think of Cecilia and Kevin, I remember how genuinely they enjoyed each moment.  Their care, concern, and attentiveness shined through with every interaction.

As an added bonus, they also had great taste:) Cecilia told me they went for a slightly "1920's/Gatsby-esque" theme,  which was so much fun to photograph.  A side note;  this was my first wedding where we incorporated some rolls of film into the mix.  It added another dimension to the day's images, and I'm really excited to do it again.  I wish Kevin and Cecilia nothing short of an amazing future together.  Cheers :)


Flowers by Anything Floral

Dress Vera Wang



AuthorBriane Morse