Meghan and Matt's wedding reception this past November was held at The Manor House at Commonwealth.  And Meghan's gorgeous vintage inspired gown from Sposabella Bridal spoke  both of her style and the motif of The Manor House.  We knew that it would be dark once we left the church and arrived at the Manor House.  Therefore, I made an impulsive decision to walk Meghan and Matt directly across the street from the church as soon as they exited for a quiet moment alone during the day's dwindling daylight.  "Just trust us."  I said.  I'm sure they were wondering what we could possibly capture using the one lonely tree that had but a few red leaves left clinging to it, in the middle of an empty lawn no less.  I spotted it on our way into the church and thought, "That's all I need."  I'm a big believer that you don't need grand scenery to make a good image.  This effervescent and easy going couple obliged us.  They shared a few laughs together while we clicked away at a distance, so we could capture a few daylight images of them that I knew Meghan was hoping for.

Meghan and Matt, we loved being a part of your day!  Thank you for trusting us to capture it.  Congratulations! Bri xoxo