Red and orange.  Everything is vividly red and orange, and I love it.  This was my second trip out to Arizona, and I can honestly say I could live there, or at least part of the time.  It's an amazing feeling to stand in the middle of something so much bigger than you are.  You feel small in the grand scheme of things and for some reason it makes me feel comforted.

I only brought  a 35mm camera with one lens, holga camera, and of course my iphone.  Probably not very photographer-esque of me, but I didn't want to be bogged down with a ton of gear.  Anyone that travels knows that no landscape picture can adequately compare to the feeling of seeing it with your own eyes, and being there in the moment.

Nonetheless, I wanted to have some record of the short trip.  I made an effort to grab a group picture (after balancing the camera on top of the jeep and setting the timer, very proud that I sprinted back to plug myself into the shot in record time, thank you)!  And I can't fairly paint myself as a true nature lover, yet.  I have to admit I did panic a bit after an encounter with a bee in the desert, resulting in some nice scrapes and a bleeding knee.  I'm working on not being so surprised by God's little critters.

AuthorBriane Morse