Great friends, film, no particular order. All the ingredients you need for an awesome photo shoot.  This impromptu session was fueled by my desire to start shooting more film.  "Dear Digital, you've been good to me, I just feel like something is missing..."  I'm not knocking digital photography, but film is where I started and it seems I am coming full circle back to it.  I will be incorporating much more film into my work from here on out. 

Styled and modeled by my good friend Jenn who is way more fashionable than I could ever hope to be.  She has recently started her own creative venture by the way Hair design and makeup by my long time friend Susie, who brilliantly visualized the twine idea for Jenn's hair.  A huge thank you to both of them for their creativity and braving the cold for this little project.  I think it was a stepping stone for all of us to reach outside of our comfort zones, and dare to try something different. 

AuthorBriane Morse