Have you ever stared at certain photographs over and over again?  You don’t know exactly why, but something about them invites you to look deeper, leaves you wanting more.  It’s more than who or what is in the image, because you feel something.  It is amazing how a single image has the power to translate emotions, and make tangible all we cannot put into words.  

Two things that inspire me most are people and light, so inevitably, I was drawn to photography.  It has the ability to capture the magical quality of light, and in between moments in life. The subtleties that make us who we are.  I love the small moments that are so fleeting, you don't often catch them.  Photographs bring permanence to these moments.   


I fell in love with photography right away during my first semester at college.  There was magic in developing my own film and printing in the darkroom.  My ideas and the feelings I captured in camera suddenly became tangible right before my eyes.  Ever since I started taking pictures, I always wanted to photograph people first and foremost.  I wanted the true uniqueness and real emotions of every person to shine through no matter what I was creating, and it is what still drives my art to this very day! 

I am a huge advocate of documenting genuine moments.  The more of these that I artfully capture, the happier you will be!  As I see it, all of my clients are hiring me because they trust in my vision.  One of my greatest strengths is my ability to make people feel comfortable.  The more at home you feel with me, the more you will feel relaxed and let your guard down.  This allows me to create a body of work that is distinctly beautiful and true to the essence of you and your family. 



You are a passionate person!  You may not be an artist, but you have an appreciation for all things that are beautiful and sometimes border on unconventional.  You are always willing to splurge on experiences that fuel your passion for life… from concerts, to food, art, and everything in between.  Whether you want to document your family life or treat yourself to a creative portrait session, you believe these moments are worth celebrating and appreciating.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Photo credit: Lindsey Gerstlauer